Rob Walsh / Ann Driver - Watching Water / It’s a Mean Old Scene

Poster_WWMOSA shared show of striking water photos from Rob Walsh and timely work on consumerism from Ann Driver
Rob's enigmatic photos capture water from unusual angles, highlighting how important it is. "Water's crucial to us it hosted our single cell ancestors and now we're over 50% water," Rob points out, "We take it for granted but it's part of us, we're helpless without it. Every photo of water is different, it's constantly changing."
Ann focuses on the mess of consumerism, "We can see lifter and discarded plastic everywhere in all our towns, Mastic use increases year on year and we've only just woken up to the fact we're drowning in it, My aim is to take the viewer on a journey and point out the discarded remnants of our society" Trapezium is accessible to everyone, providing artists with a supportive, affordable space. They're looking for people who want to exhibit or volunteer with them.



Watching Water | Rob Walsh

Watching Water

It hosted our single-cell ancestors and now we're over 50% water.
It’s part of us and we’re helpless without it.

We need water.
It doesn't need us.
It kills us if we go under, when we don’t have enough, if it gets dirty, when sea levels rise.

It bounces light back and hides its depths. Who knows what’s going on down there.

Water needs to be watched.
Closely, avidly, carefully.




It’s a Mean Old Scene | Ann Driver


It's a Mean Old Scene


As we travel through any town and city we see the evidence everywhere of consumerism and the throwaway society. Litter decorates every pavement, kerbside and hedgerow. Trees and fences are hung with plastic bags.

The use of plastic increases year on year and we have only just woken up to the unwelcome fact that we are drowning in it.

I have created this artwork to highlight this problem that I feel so strongly about.

As we go about our everyday lives it is easy to be oblivious of the mess on our streets.

So my aim is to take the viewer on a journey through a city, where instead of pointing out places of interest I have pointed out the discarded of remnants of our society.



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    24th November to 22th December 2018


  • Rob Walsh
  • Ann Driver


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