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Trapezium Online GalleriesTrapezium's online gallery was born out of the temporary closure of our physical location on Kirkgate during the Covid-19 lockdown.  Though the space is now open again to the public, Trapezium Arts is keen to continue showing the artistic endeavours by local people across the Bradford District.

We have a range of virtual gallery types.  All are dedicated to showcasing the varied work created by local Bradford* Artists, Photographers and other Creatives.

We hope you will take the time to view all the local creativity and to submit your own creations. The galleries are continually updated, so please do come back regularly.

* nb. We have a relatively wide definition of the Bradford District area, if in doubt about whether you can submit work, please feel free to contact us at online@trapeziumarts


Our online galleries are split into 4 areas:


Open Galleries

These are series of ‘Open Galleries’ based on the date of submitted work. Anyone from the Bradford district can submit work to these galleries

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Themed Galleries

We also host several galleries based around particular themes, which will hopefully inspire Artists, Photographers and other Creatives to share new or existing works that fit into these themes.  Again, anyone from the Bradford district can submit work to these galleries

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Seeds Project Gallery

Seeds is an online gallery with images planted there for Bradford's Artists, Photographers and other Creatives to use and reinterpret in their own way, creating something new that draws on the existing work.

These new artworks can then be submitted to the growing Seeds gallery, branching out to reseed new and inspiring works of art.

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Artist’s Galleries

These galleries highlight the work of individuals and groups.  These are suitable for those who want to exhibit a large collection of work, or a whole project.  These can be accompanied by an artist statement, and are available for a small negotiable fee.

If you would like your own 'Artists' gallery, please contact us at online@trapeziumarts for further details.

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