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Seeds Album CoverTrapezium Arts is hosting a collaborative project, “Seeds” on our online gallery.

Starting with a small number of ‘seed’ artworks and growing as others are added to the project, we are inviting Bradford artists, photographers and other creatives to choose one piece of work (from the ‘Seeds’ project gallery) and to make something new inspired by it. This new artwork can then be submitted for inclusion in the ‘Seeds’ project gallery. In turn, this will be available to inspire further pieces of artwork.

How you take inspiration or respond to the artwork is up to you. Here are some aspects of the original that might form the basis of a new artwork:

  • a particular part, e.g. A figure, a colour, a shape
  • the colour scheme
  • an aspect of how you interpret the work
  • the title
  • or anything else!

Add your own creativity to expand on this and produce a new piece of work. This can take any form and be in any media.

Examples of how existing work could be ‘grown’ from the seeds

  • An image of a figure, a piece of text or an object like trees could be selected and cut and pasted into a collage or reconfigured in another work.
  • A drawing or photo in black and white could be developed and painted/printed in colour or vice versa.
  • Particular colours could be picked out to create a new work.
  • An abstract pattern could be reproduced in a new setting.
  • A photo could be reinterpreted as a painting or a painting as a drawing or a drawing as a print, etc.
  • The title of a work or the concept behind it could be used to create a completely different work made with different media and content.

While the copyright of the original work remains with the artist, you are free to download the gallery image to modify, either digitally or as a printed out copy to use as montage in another piece of work.


Submitting Your Artwork

Nb. By submitting your work you agree to the copyright conditions detailed below.

Email your submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the heading “Seeds Project”

The email must contain:

  • Artist’s name
  • Where you are from eg. Postcode or Area
  • Contact Email
  • For all works submitted:
    • Title
    • Medium
    • The Title / Artist of the artwork that inspired the submitted piece
    • Attached image file*


*Image file Requirements


  • Image Size should ideally be at least 1000 pixel for the shortest dimension.
  • Image file can be either JPEG. PNG or TIFF format with a maximum file size of 3MB.
  • The Filename format should be Surname_Forname-Title_of_Work


Copyright of Material Submitted

  • Please ensure that you own the copyright to all images submitted.
  • The copyright of all material supplied remains vested in the artist, but the right is reserved for Trapezium Arts to reproduce any of the works in connection with the exhibition, and its publicity, free of charge.
  • In submitting work to add to this project you agree to allow others to download your image and use it in their own work (copyright of the original image remains with you).


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