About Us

Trapezium Arts is a contemporary art and photography gallery open now at 58 Kirkgate in Bradford. We are hoping to bring art to the local community in a welcoming and accessible way to people from all walks of life. Exhibitions rotate on a monthly basis to display an ecletic mix of artwork on a range of themes. We hope people will return on a regular basis.

The aims of the Group are:

  • To exhibit quality contemporary art in a location and way that is of interest to both the general public and those from the art community.
  • To create opportunities for artists, photographers and community groups to display their work in a friendly, inviting environment. We are looking for more artists and photographers to fill the space in the coming months, plus volunteers to help with running the gallery.
  • To help revitalise an area that has seen a decline in its retail activity and provide a new opportunity for visiting the city centre.

"We’re exhibiting a variety of art in a way that’s easily accessible – people can walk straight in off the street - and we provide artists with a supportive space in which to display their work. We want to spread the word that artists are welcome to come and talk to us and we’ll work with them to display their work in the way they want."


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