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 Tina Shepherdson PosterTrapezium Arts fourth exhibition, with the striking artwork of local artist Tina Shepherdson.  

Tina Shepherdson Print2“Our mission is to showcase the work of talented local and aspiring new artists, so we’re very pleased to have Tina’s work on show,” says Pauline Cooke of Trapezium, “Her pieces are a delightful mix of traditional and modern; conceptual fine art and graphic illustration. She’s a passionate and talented printmaker and her techniques range from reductive screen printing to Risograph prints. Her work is inspired by characters and stories, song lyrics and aphorisms, by animals, nature and natural architecture.”

Tina Shepherdson, Vicissitude,  Reductive Screenprint Vicissitude - Reductive Screenprint Tina is an MA graduate of Bradford School of Art with a degree in graphic design and illustration. She had this to say about her work, “I’m unashamedly and fundamentally an illustrator and I’m engaged in a process that I understand to mean ‘A visual representation of verbal or written language,’ but that representation does not need to be obvious or instantly recognisable, it can in fact be cryptic and transitional.

Tina Shepherdson, Untitled,  RisograpgUntitled, Risograpgh“My fine art work has been a challenge I’ve really enjoyed - to explore visual language and expand my understanding and execution of the meaning behind words, of hidden language and cloaked expression. My use of reductive screen printing is representational of change. Reduction printing is a destructive process. The original must be broken down and relinquished in order to create something new. The resulting print is a reflection of the original, a re-conceived countenance of what was.”

Tina lives in the Aire valley and works on her art in Bradford city centre. Her exhibition opens on 9 February and runs until 2 March 2019.


    9th Febuary - 2nd March 2019


    Tina Shepherdson



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