Pauline Cooke & Ken Woods - Are You Informed

AYI Poster LowResThis exhibition is about information. Every time we watch a news programme or get a text or see a film or read a book we are taking in information. It is everywhere: on our phone, on our television, on the walls around us as we walk down the street.

This exhibition looks at the form information takes and how it is transmitted or delivered to us, such as, words on paper or a photo or a video. We look at how information is received and how we interpret it, according to circumstances and various biases. Do we watch passively as images play out in front of us, as on a screen, or do we engage with it, as on a computer? Does it affect the way we perceive and interact with the world?




Pauline’s work focuses on text or different types of written language. The three forms under consideration are:

  • Hand writing, represented by graffiti, a modern form of writing with spray cans.
  • Printed writing in newspapers and books, represented by a typesetting plate bearing an assortment of alphanumeric letters in various fonts and typefaces.
  • Digital writing, represented by a QR code which is illegible to our perception and only transmits information in text via the camera on a device

In turn, these forms have dominated the transmission of information in each era of history and affected how human consciousness receives this information and orders knowledge about the world. The images invite reflection on the nature of each form and how we engage with them, both physically and mentally. It also questions the relationship text has with pictures or photographs.


AYI 1 

Ken’s work uses simple patterns, based on a hexagonal grid, as a visual metaphor for aspects of, and our relationship with, information.
Within each work, each hexagon can be viewed as either a single unit of information, for example 1s and 0s in binary code or letters of the alphabet; or a more complex aggregate of information, for example a sentence, a picture or a sound, which together creates meaning.
It is left to the viewer to interpret each work. Through relating the work to personal examples, it will hopefully lead to a more general understanding of the effects and influence of information.



    20th October to 17th November 2018


  • Pauline Cooke
  • Ken Woods



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