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8th to 29th April 2023

Opening Times: Saturday, Tuesday and Friday - 11.00am – 3.00pm


 The Adventures of




The Adventures of... The First Chapter showcases the artwork of Hannah Mallott-Manning (HanMade), Saira Baig and Dionne Hood. The collective was born in Bradford out of a shared passion for creative discord and the use of ‘mixed media’.  No medium is out of bounds and all members of the collective hunt, scrabble, find and manipulate a range of objects and materials.

Hannah and Saira’s work demonstrates a strong connection to nature in their work but they both approach and use this in very different ways. Hannah’s sculptural miniature domestic scenes first appear to be delicate and alluring but on closer investigation point to darker more subversive narratives. Saira brings together textiles, screen printing, linocut, hand embroidery and machine stitching to distort and manipulate the natural forms of age rings created by trees. Dionne uses materials to explore and convey a patchwork of passing revelations; a sequence of unconnected or connected answers which may or may not offer the possibility of a coherent ‘story’.

They all share an approach that sees them exploring their place in the world; their experiences, thoughts and responses; the stories they want to tell and those they simply want to hint at.

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Streets Ahead

Trapezium Arts and documentary photographer Cath Muldowney, have joined forces for an initiative to regenerate the highstreets in South Bradford, by bringing art to vacant shop windows.

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NEW: Seeds Project Gallery

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A Series of Open, Themed and Artist's Galleries of local Bradford's Artists, Photographers and other Creatives.

Open for submissions by all.

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Seeds is an online gallery with images planted there for Bradford's Artists, Photographers and other Creatives to use and reinterpret in their own way, creating something new that draws on the existing work.

These new artworks can then be submitted to the growing Seeds gallery, branching out to reseed new and inspiring works of art.

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Trapezium gallery is a voluntary enterprise supporting local Artists, Photographers and other Creatives to show their artwork

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