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13th May to 3rd June 2023

Opening Times: Saturday, Sundays. Tuesday and Friday - 11.00am – 3.00pm


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What If I...?

Marcela Livingston


'What If I...?' documents and celebrates the legacy of an artist whose pieces of public artwork have become Bradford landmarks.

Originally from Argentina, Marcela has lived in Bradford since 1988 and works from premises on Sunbridge Road.

A designer-maker, artist, and sculptor, Marcela has over 30 years of experience creating public art with local consultation, including her 2006 sculpture located off Manchester Road, Bradford, affectionately known by locals as “The Egg”. Other works in Bradford include signage for the Ripleyville estate, a pair of geometric sculptures for Manchester Road and Newby Primary School and a project with her wrapped Sacpot fabric for trees on Folkestone Street.

The exhibition showcases examples of her various making processes leading to the final artworks, including the original moulds.

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Streets Ahead

Trapezium Arts and documentary photographer Cath Muldowney, have joined forces for an initiative to regenerate the highstreets in South Bradford, by bringing art to vacant shop windows.

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Seeds Project Gallery

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A Series of Open, Themed and Artist's Galleries of local Bradford's Artists, Photographers and other Creatives.

Open for submissions by all.

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Seeds is an online gallery with images planted there for Bradford's Artists, Photographers and other Creatives to use and reinterpret in their own way, creating something new that draws on the existing work.

These new artworks can then be submitted to the growing Seeds gallery, branching out to reseed new and inspiring works of art.

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Trapezium gallery is a voluntary enterprise supporting local Artists, Photographers and other Creatives to show their artwork

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