Block Steady Studios - Invisibility is a Super Power


INVISIBILITY IS A SUPER POWER was an exhibition by three local artists from Block Steady Studios, Vic Cruz, Helena Flood and Ruth Fettis, three grandmothers who wanted to explore the subject of aging and invisibility.




“If a woman is not seen as either attractive or filling the role of a mother, there is an underlying belief that they no longer have any supposed influence and are then often ignored or deemed invisible”  -  Vogel


The exhibition is a response to conversations with women over 50 who came to six drop-in workshops held at Oastler Market.


TA IiaSP 4"Markets are a meeting place for people all over the world and felt like the ideal place for us to start. We heard stories, made art, swapped advice and recipes, laughed a lot and listened to their concerns and the positive things in the women’s lives today."


Completed in twenty days, the artwork celebrates the wisdom, experience, knowledge and strength of older women.


TA IiaSP 3The artwork is dedicated to all the amazing older women we worked with who showed their lives to be colourful, interesting and extremely valuable.




“Do you ever feel invisible?”



Block Steady Studios would like to thank Arts Council England, Senior Power, Colin Wolstenholme and the Oastler Market traders for their support and making us feel so welcome.



    5th to 26th March 2022

Block Steady Studios are:

   Vic Cruz
   Helena Flood
   Ruth Fettis

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