Mark Revill - To Hell and Back


Trapezium Gallery is pleased to present To Hell And Back, an exhibition by Mark Revill, a photographer born and raised in Bradford who spent 24 years serving in the British Armed Forces.









Mark Revill Biceps with Basra ChildrenBiceps with Basra ChildrenDuring his service he saw nine operational tours, in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Sierra Leone and most recently Iraq, carrying out combat and conflict photography for both his unit and the army. He covered many roles and his photography includes aspects of day to day life, photojournalism, aerial reconnaissance, covert and overt photography and psychological operations (‘hearts and minds’). Since discharge he documents military history from past conflicts.

Mark says: "This exhibition doesn't seek to glorify or demonise war or justify the rectitude of various conflicts. It aims to detail one person’s experience in my own pictures. In some of these situations I didn’t know whether to pick up my camera or my rifle."


Mark Revill, Dogs of WarDogs of WarMark wants to bring to the public a view of what life is like in the British Army and what soldiers do on a regular basis during peacetime and conflict. We feel it is particularly apt to be showing this exhibition at the present time, when we are suddenly faced with the impact of warfare on a daily basis in news reports.

Mark Revill, DemoDemoMark’s catalogue of work includes scenes from military history, action on the battlefield and the army’s role in rebuilding communities when the fighting has ceased. It documents Mark’s interest in historical conflicts and their after-effects, the physical and mental stress soldiers face during the long periods away from family and friends, not knowing if they are going to come home and how they cope with the tragic loss or injury of fellow comrades. It questions the general public’s attitude and also government policy, which often leaves veterans of the armed forces with physical and mental scars and little support to fit back into civilian life. The result is a collection of accomplished and fascinating shots taken in remarkable circumstances.







    9th to 30th April 2022


   Mark Revill


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