Ken Woods - Simplicity, Order, Complexity


Trapezium Gallery were pleased to present Simplicity, Order, Complexity, an exhibition by Ken Woods, one of the founding members of our organisation.







Ken Woods Life Cycle 4Life Cycle 4, Ken WoodsKen’s work looks at information. He uses simple pattern, a hexagonal grid, as the basis of the work and then digitally manipulates the pattern. Randomly generated colour variants are produced using computer code, which are then printed digitally or by hand using a printmaking technique called pochoir.


Ken Woods Context 4(II)Context 4(II), Ken Woods



Multi-layered and intricately detailed, these images are intended to parallel the nature of information and/or our relationship with it. The aim is to avoid references to specific information and in so doing opens up the work, allowing the viewer to contemplate information both conceptually and in ways personal to themselves.








    29th January to 19th February 2022


   Ken Woods


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