Rafal Karpinski and Jaroslaw Kowacki - New Horizons


Trapezium Gallery were pleased to present New Horizons, an exhibition by Rafal Karpinski and Jaroslaw Kowacki, two friends who share a passion for photography.







Rafal and Jaroslaw say: "We are two Polish guys who love photography. Even though we have been doing it for a relatively short time and our fields are very different, we still love to work together, supporting each other's progress and cooperating over this exhibition."


Rafal Karpinski imageRafal KarpinskiRafal decided to specialise in street photography because he loves to watch people and capture them with the city of Bradford as a background.










joroslaw kowacki imageJaroslaw KowackiJaroslaw is passionate about landscapes and portraits, loving the art of colours.









They met each other through photography three years ago and even though their paths took them in different directions, they wanted to show how two, completely different styles can sit together and complement each other.


Ken Woods from Trapezium says "We like the idea that Rafal and Jaroslaw have such contrasting styles: black and white scenes of urban life alongside traditional countryside in colour. This is their first exhibition and we are delighted to be giving them this opportunity".




    29th January to 19th February 2022


   Rafal Karpinski
   Jaroslaw Kowacki


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