Trapezium Gallery is pleased to host 'OUR STORIES: A Project' as part of Brdford Refugee Week 2022.


The aim of Our Stories was to collaborate with refugees and asylum seekers in Bradford, UK, to develop a body of work that captures their experiences and tells their stories in order to influence social change, promote conversation and encourage the wider public to confront the lived experiences of those that have been forcibly displaced. Essentially, the project aims to humanise the experience of displacement and reframe the narratives that result in hostility towards these vulnerable populations. This entire project had been run on a voluntary basis and the outputs were carefully curated to an ethical framework in line with guidance from the UNHCR. Ethical consideration was given to ensure that the project combats harmful stereotypes, avoids oversimplified narratives and considers emotion with intention.


The project produced 9 artefacts that were exhibited alongside a workshop, during which the general public contributed to the exhibit itself through the production of a 10th artefact.


Birds of Hope

Birds of Hope, 2021
Mixed media on paper

Each bird here represents 10 people, totalling the amount of asylum seekers that are currently dispersed across Bradford. The coloured birds were made by some of those waiting for the outcome of their asylum claim. On one wing they wrote their hopes for their future, on the other they wrote their hopes for the future of all asylum seekers.


 Bradford Lend a Hand

Bradford Lend a Hand, 2021
Wire, textiles and ink on paper

Through our hands we instantly recognise each other’s humanity and through unravelling the thread of that humanity we are left with only the skeleton, recognisable as human, but barely considered as such. Everything that makes it human has been stripped away.
Here our refugees and asylum seekers openly share their thoughts and feelings in order to counteract the lack of humanity they are shown as displaced individuals.


Home, 2022

This comic is co-authored by a group of refugees and illustrated collectively by refugees and asylum seekers here in Bradford. It tries to convey the emotional experiences associated with leaving your home and resettling in a new place.

 Mapping Our UK

Mapping Our UK, 2021
Mixed media on canvas

This map documents the experiences, thoughts and journeys of a group of asylum seekers after arriving in the UK. It explores the places they have stayed, the things they have left behind, culture shock, gratitude and fear for the future, representing a map of Britain quite different to the one we are all so familiar with.

With Time You Forget

With Time You Forget, 2022

This comic captures the passing thoughts of a number of refugees and asylum seekers here in Bradford. It’s a useful little piece for putting into perspective some of life’s daily challenges – or at least we think so!

There are eight lessons and portraits in total


Zard, 2022
Animated Video

This animation documents the story of one of Bradford’s asylum seekers as he appeals against the Home Office’s decision to reject his asylum claim.

 My Home and Why I Left

My Home and Why I Left, 2021
Mixed media on canvas

This map documents the complexities of human displacement. We are often mis-led to believe there is often a sole reason a person chooses to leave their home. In reality, it’s often that a number of reasons, when accumulated, present no other option. This map documents how those that have been displaced can fear for their home, love their home, and grieve for their home, all at the same time.

 It’s Important

It’s Important, 2022
Mixed media on canvas

A series of poly-prints produced by asylum seekers in Bradford displaying things that are important to them.


Asylum, 2022

This comic tells a condensed version of the journey through the asylum system using text taken from official government resources. It is illustrated by the children of refugees here in Bradford, who were asked to think about how the public views refugees and asylum seekers.




The work is also available to view here (External Link)




    20th to 24th June 2022

Curated By:

   Gemma Crickmore




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