Ben Snowden - The Shape of Erosion


Trapezium Gallery were pleased to present The Shape of Erosion a collection of paintings and sculpture by Ben Snowden, a contemporary artist, born in Keighley and based in Bradford. His work has been featured in many contemporary exhibitions and competitions.


Ben explained his process:

“My work explores the theme of erosion and the effects it has on the physical and mental state of a person and the world we live in. If you strip away the problems of everyday life, your spirit steps away from the burdens and helps you to focus on the true nature of life which is to be free and to experience everything you want out of life! Erosion wears away inner light, but it can also clear away the dead weight that clutters your path. I use painting and sculpture to communicate a positive and constructive view of the world!"




TA Ben Snowden Love so good love so bad.Love So Good, Love So Bad, Ben SnowdenBen works in mixed media, with spray paint, enamel paint and water on recycled materials such as paper, card, textiles, board and plastics as well as canvas. He says: “I believe art can be created from anything, just be resourceful, because everything is possible!”






TA Ben Snowden Whats left of a Thief.Whats Left of a Thief, Ben Snowden






    14th May to 4th June 2022


   Ben Snowden



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