Patricia Oxley - Work in Process


Trapezium Arts was pleased to present an exhibition of paintings and digital prints by Patricia Oxley, an artist based in Silsden.


BrownKubistPatricia’s method involves life drawings and paintings made with traditional media. Some of this traditionally produced work is then digitally enhanced or perhaps merged with other images and used to produce paintings which are in turn enhanced and merged to create something new. Hence the image is never stable, but always in a state of being processed, on the way to being made larger, more visible. The result is a vibrant mixture of what’s immediately visible to the human eye and what is not, sometimes recognisable, sometimes abstract, but always interesting.


DoverBeach3Patricia describes this as a search for a moment of recognition. “I look for it in many places and contrive images where I might find it. And when I find it, there is always that small buzz of pleasure, which wants to be caught and made larger. It indicates that something is important and worth noticing.” This process of searching is always a work in progress.


JuggEeedThis process of investigation is always a work in progress.










    9th to 30th October 2021


    Patricia Oxley

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