Clive Nevet's Glenton Square Collection


In September 2021 Trapezium Arts hosted an exhibition of Clive Nevet's Glenton Square Collection.

The Glenton Square Collection is a unique collection of original art works created by people who use or have used mental health services, often over many years. The works were collected by Clive Nevet whilst living in a small bungalow in Glenton Square, next to Bradford's iconic Lister's Mill.

Clive's contact with many people who live or lived on the fringes of society and often struggled with their mental health, poverty and alienation from mainstream society, led to him purchasing their artwork or receiving work as donations. His collection also includes work from relatives, friends and neighbours, as well as prints he particularly liked or was given as presents.

Often termed 'Outsider Art' this collection challenges the narrow definition of art as an exclusive activity and the negative stereotypes of people living with mental health difficulties. Conditions such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, drug and alcohol addictions, and many other difficult and distressing conditions create many challenges for those living with the condition and for those around them.

Twister Paul RoweTwister, Mixed Media, Paul RoweHowever, the rich 'sub-culture' amongst people living with mental health difficulties also gives rise to creative originality and views from different angles on life - as can be seen in this inspiring and powerful collection, which at times is also touching and humorous.

The need to express oneself creatively is about art for art's sake. This isn't art as therapy, to be analysed or 'medicalised', but art as a fundamental human need, as a means of expression.

To compliment the Glenton Square Collection, exhibition also included an eclectic mixture of work also created by 'outsider artists', many of whom were members of the Mind Art Group, based at Mind in Bradford, between 2001 - 2008. During this time, Stuart Wilde was employed as an Art Enabler, and inspired and supported Mind members to create a wide range of individual and joint original art works, often with low cost or recycled materials.

Many of the artists had not done any art since their school days, often having been told they were 'no good at art' whilst others were experiencing extreme states of psychosis, mania, anxiety, depression or disassociation at the time they took part. Again the images created affirm the importance of creative expression as part of good mental health.

Untitled Dash RamAbstract, Oil on Canvas, Dash RamClive has been involved in many mental health service user empowerment initiatives throughout his life. He worked with the Hamlet Trust to set up the first mental health Advocacy project in Bradford, travelled to Poland to promote user involvement there, and featured in the ground-breaking book, 'From the Mental Patient to the Person' (Barham & Hayward 1991). He has also been an accomplished musician, inspiring teacher and a good friend to many.

Two Fingers SteveTwo Fingers, Lino Cut, SteveWe would like to thank Clive for the opportunity to share his unique and visionary collection. It fits with our ethos that art is for everyone, not just the privileged few. The Glenton Square Collection stands up as an art collection in it's own right, as valuable as art from any source.










    4th to 25th September 2021


    Khadijah Afza
   Ian Barraclough
   Altan Basharan
   Claire Beattie
   Graham Binns
   Hannah Bolland
   Ian Bottomley
   Diane Brennan
   Terry Briggs
   Paul Clarke
   Gloria de Clare
   Gerard Goodwin
   Gladstone Henry
   George Horvath
   Ethna Kilduff
   Heather Larkin
   Mick Larkin
   Simon Marsh
   Terry Mellem
   Iris Moss
   Andy Mottram
   Clive Nevet
   Megan O'Reilly
   Mussarat Rahman
   Dash Ram
   Trevor Ramsay
   Adrian Ravel
   Paul Rowe
   Sidney Rowntree
   Sidney Rowntree
   Lynn Shipp
   Sonny Taylor
   Arash Torabi
   Georgina Torabi
   Kavus Torabi
   Jay Turner
   Stephen Tyson
   Ian Westerman
   Daisy Wilde
   Stuart Wilde
   Sue Wilde
   Louis Wilde
   Pat Williams
   Teresa Wojtkow
   Howard Patrick Wood
   Plus Dave, Diop, Maurice, Steve and other unknown artists

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