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Trapezium Gallery were pleased to present Life's Rich Tapestry by Aire Valley Arts, a group of highly committed visual artists based in West Yorkshire, working in a contemporary context.

Formed in 1995, their aim is to make a dynamic contribution to the arts in the community and beyond, by holding events, exhibitions and workshops, whilst providing a supportive forum for its now sixteen members.of local artists. The first members were brought together by Daniel Paulo and Peter Marsden after placing an advertisement in the local newspaper, hoping to find fellow artists, who would ease the isolation of the artist and join them to pool resources and provide opportunities not readily accessible to individuals.


Kate StewartKate Stewart


David Starley Titus Pride 2David Starley, Titus's Pride 2


Jan WhittockJan Whittock


Daniel explains how the group works, "With an emphasis on diversity, experimentation and creativity, each of the artists in the group works independently – meeting regularly – in media ranging from traditional impasto oils, to watercolour, textiles, ceramics, printmaking, photography and collage, resulting in eclectic exhibitions. The majority of members are painters, but Aire Valley Arts encourage all visual art forms, the only criteria being that the work be adventurous and genuinely contemporary."   


  Jane FielderJane Fielder 


Helen Shearwood who now lives in Perth, Australia, but is still very much part of the group and fellow member Martin Cosgrove sum up the spirit of the exhibition: "Life’s Rich Tapestry, comprising works in a variety of size, colour and form, speaks of life’s diverse fullness as we each traverse our own truly unique paths whilst at the same time being united by the fundamental sameness of what it is that makes us human: the ups and downs; twists and turns; joys and sorrows; love and pain; hopes and disappointments; and all manner of unexpected events that make their mark on us as our lives continue to unfold, weaving a rich tapestry of experiences in the process."​


 Martin Cosgrove Lakeside Reflexions IIMartin Cosgrove, Lakeside Reflexions II  Nancy Stedman Strand 5Nancy Stedman, Strand 5 Anne MarwickAnne Marwick 
  Judy Sale Tension 2Judy Sale, Tension 2  


More information on the group can be found at:


Aire Valley ArtsAire Valley Arts



    4th to 25th March 2023


     Martin Cosgrove
     Jane Fielder
     Caroline Hardaker
     Paul Hudson
     Anne Marwick
     Daniel Paulo
     Judy Sale
     Helen Shearwood
     David Starley
     Nancy Stedman
     Kate Stewart
     Jan Whittock


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