The Adventures Of… The First Chapter


TA TAO PosterThe Adventures of… Collective was born in Bradford out of a shared passion for creative discord. Meeting each other opened up many enquiring and creative dialogues and although the work is quite different in its meaning and origin, the collective shares an interest in the use of ‘mixed media’. No medium is out of bounds and all members of the collective hunt, scrabble, find and manipulate a range of objects and materials.

Whilst both Hannah Mallott-Manning (HanMade) and Saira Baig demonstrate a strong connection to nature in their work, they both approach and use this in very different ways – telling very different stories and connections to themselves.

HanMade 1Hanmade  HanMade 2Hanmade 


 In Hannah’s sculptural miniature domestic scenes, the imagery at first appears to be delicate and alluring but on closer investigation points to darker more subversive narratives, pointing to rebellious, hidden, altogether more subtly disturbing, and disturbed scenes. Her works also include the use of words as objects deliberately placed. It explores a woman’s, and more specifically, the female artist’s relationships and place in the world. Her finely worked pieces feature natural, found and highly crafted items to tell her very particular, personal story and view of the world. 


 Saira Baig 1Saira Baig  Saira Baig 2Saira Baig


Saira Baig’s work, whilst being concerned with human beings’ connection to nature and specifically trees, explores the relationship between them. Saira uses materials to represent the manipulation and damage of nature by humans and explores the deep-rooted connections between trees and the networks they create to support each other. She has explored this connection and sees a direct correlation to the way we all live. She brings together textiles, screen printing, linocut, hand embroidery and machine stitching to distort and manipulate the natural forms of age rings created by trees, with some becoming almost unrecognisable. 


Dionne Hood 1Dionne Hood  Dionne Hood 2Dionne Hood


Dionne Hood also uses a combination of materials and found objects – painting, embroidery, paper clay, precious metal clay, paper, watercolour, ink and found objects. She uses these materials to explore and convey a patchwork of passing revelations; a sequence of unconnected or connected answers which may or may not offer the possibility of a coherent ‘story’ - the offering of specific objects, perceived physical actions that don’t necessarily provide an accessible narrative. She also employs the use of words - each piece is accompanied by a poem about and as a response to the physical work or contains words and sentences that exist as items in themselves.


These artists, whose work is very independent of each other, all share an approach that sees them exploring their place in the world; their individual exploration of their experiences, thoughts, and responses; and the stories they want to tell and those they simply want to hint at.


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    8th to 29th April 2023


    Hannah Mallott-Manning (HanMade)
    Saira Baig
    Dionne Hood


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