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Trapezium Gallery were pleased to present stuArt@60, an exhibition by Stuart Wilde in his hometown of Bradford.


Stuart explained, “I am 60 on the 27th September 2022 and instead of a party, I decided to have a retrospective to celebrate my 60 years in art, albeit only a glimpse from the huge body of work I have amassed.”


Stuart Wilde FaceStuart was born into an art family and his earliest memories are of going to exhibitions and being surrounded by images of art on walls and in books. He was encouraged to be creative throughout his childhood, which led to a Foundation Course in Art & Design at Bradford College and later a Degree in Fine Art (Alternative Practice) at Brighton Polytechnic.


UntitledUntitledHe says: “Since returning to Bradford in 1986, I have kept up with my diverse artistic practice and have been dedicated to bringing the 'art experience' to a wider and more grassroots audience. I have worked as an Art Enabler, mainly voluntarily but also in a limited paid capacity, in many settings especially mental health. These include Mind in Bradford and groups such as Anomie, SFI, Psyche Writers, The Place, Cellar Project, HIVE, Bradford District Care Trust and Bradford University. My art practice has helped me live with a long term mental health condition by giving my life meaning and being integral to my survival.


Stuart Wilde Untitled 6Untitled


Stuart’s aim was to challenge what a gallery should look like and what is considered art and originality. He says; “ I want the space to be inviting and thought provoking, and to generate conversations about art and meaning.” His work is in many media and many styles and contains a whole range of ideas and themes. But he believes pinning these down too much would be contradictory to the creative process. “I believe things should be left ambiguous and for people to discover meanings in their own responses to the works on show.”


Throughout his long career, Stuart has exhibited all over Bradford in both solo and group exhibitions.







    10th September to 1st October 2022


   Stuart Wilde



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