Armchair Artist's Collective - Collective Perspective


Bradford’s Trapezium Gallery were pleased to present Collective Perspective by Armchair Artists Collective, a group of local artists who came together during lockdown in order to support and inspire each other, have stayed together and now want to show their work to the public.


Sand Rennie Escape BikesEscape Bikes - Sand RennieSand Rennie explains how it all started: “The Armchair Artists’ Collective was created in 2020, after I started a Facebook group, to enable people to share their artwork with creatives during the first lockdown. The Armchair Painting Facebook Group currently has 42 members. Five of the artists from this Facebook group decided to create a collective, to work on projects and encourage and inspire each other to increase their output and place their work before the public.”


They have undertaken several projects together. The first, a short film, The Laughing Salmon of Bradford, was shown at the Cubby Broccoli Cinema in 2021 and can be seen as part of this exhibition. They also helped enliven the urban landscape of Shipley by decorating bollards as part of the Creative Highstreets Campaign earlier this year. Since then the AAC have continued to work together on a variety of projects including illustrating books, producing commissioned portraits and art works for sale online.


Angel Kershaw StagStag - Angel KershawThey stress the importance of being a collective in making them who they are: “We encourage each other to take risks, be brave and innovative in the way we make art, but also support each other with constructive feedback and technical advice. As an artists’ collective, each of us has life experiences and a perspective that impacts strongly on our worldview and shapes our creativity. Our art is our response to the current dystopia by making images offering alternative possibilities and to inspire change.”


Meg Hughes RavensRavens - Meg HughesThe group come from a range of backgrounds and work in a variety of media. Sand is known for creating quirky creatures, and amusing and sensitive pieces which often include the natural environment and people close to where she lives. Meg works mainly in water colours, but also creates mixed media pieces, incorporating elements of myths, magic and legends, which reflect her outlook on life and draw on her imaginary inner landscape. Angel creates vivid, detailed pieces based on her own life experiences, and the lessons she has learned. Her art tells the story of her life, of our times, and the way she sees the world. Suzanne also creates colourful finely worked visual art pieces, of characters based on myth and legend and Gerard is a musician, composer and visual artist who contributed much to the short film.



Gerard Bell Fife Monkey CentralMonkey Central - Gerard Bell Fife Suzanne Jackson Wise WomanWise Woman - Suzanne Jackson 


    15th October to 5th November 2022


   Sand Rennie
   Angel Kershaw
   Meg Hughes
   Suzanne Jackson
   Gerard Bell-Fife



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