Cath Muldowney - Paradise Street: Under One Sky


Paradise Street: Under One Sky by Cath Muldowney, an exhibition of photographs intended to be an antidote to some of the media portrayals of Bradford, a retaliation against the ‘worst place’ polls compiled by people who’ve probably never set foot in the city..


Cath Muldowney was born in Bradford and has lived here for most of my life, developing an interest in photography only relatively recently.


"My passion is to photograph people, particularly those who may not normally consider themselves as worthy subjects – kind of the antithesis to the filtered selfies of Instagram!"

Image42Paradise Street

Situated at the top of town, between Westgate and Sunbridge Road, Paradise Street is surrounded by one of the most diverse areas you could imagine, home to churches, mosques, a gurdwara, a priory and a synagogue. There’s an Irish pub, a gay cabaret bar, a beautiful chai wagon and award winning restaurants.


ImranImranBut the most important assets in this community are the people, who have welcomed Cath and her camera with all the warmth, spirit and humour that defines Bradfordians.


This exhibition is to celebrate the people from this area of the city, and all the good things they do, big and small, that make this place what it is. It’s an attempt to re-paint the picture of Bradford that many people may have in their heads. It’s about people from diverse and different backgrounds, and their lives together, under one sky.


Bin DayBin Day












"We know that the city faces challenges, but we will rise up to meet them."



Nabeela Ahmed and Cath MuldowneyNabeela Ahmed and Cath Muldowney, after poetry reading.Cath Muldowney featured Nabeela Ahmed’s poem 'I Am Bradfordian' in the exhibition, as she felt “it provided the words for the pictures”. Nabeela performed a selection of poems on Saturday 13th August as part of the exhibition.

Nabeela is a writer, storyteller, multilingual poet, spoken word artist and hosts creative writing courses and poetry events. She has had poems published in England, America, Pakistan and India.









    6th to 27th August 2022


   Cath Muldowney


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