Barbara Sheldrake, Jo Newbury & Mark Lunn - Enviro-Mental

Poster LTW LR

In Trapezium’s 9th exhibition,  three local photographers took the word Enviro-Mental as a starting point, and looked at how the environment is being encroached upon by people, how they pollute it through irresponsible tipping and how some of this trash can be used as art, to illustrate the damage we do. This is a worldwide problem; it affects all of us in our everyday lives.


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Sue Wilde - Colour Zone

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Colour Zone featured the paintings of local artist Sue Wilde, who creates colourful and expressive abstract works as an emotional response to the natural world, her own personal feelings, significant special places and family events.

Colour Zone was put together to create a visual impact of colour on both mind and mood, and to create a free sensory experience that is accessible to anyone!

Sue is a self-taught artist living and working in Bradford. She has enjoyed a life-long love of creativity and has developed her work through various community art groups as well as her own art practice.

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Caro Blount-Shah & Pat Fuller - Common Threads

Common Threads Poster MR

Common Threads exhibition takes a historical journey in to the industrial past, with a particular focus on textile manufacture and distribution, which played a huge role in the social and economic development of Bradford. Show-casing the work of two local artists, Caro Blount-Shah and Pat Fuller, it draws connections between the Bradford textile industry and the growth of global trade, highlighting the impact this had on millworkers as mechanisation and vast global demand took hold.

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Liz Tolan - Look This Way

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Old family photographs and some found images are the basis of the series of portraits of girls. Some of these were studio portraits, some more informal snapshots. She was interested in the way people were expected to look in these situations - the clothes they were dressed in and the expressions that were elicited. These are not portraits of the girls but portraits of photographs. However, in making the paintings she developed strong feelings of empathy with the subjects

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Roza Zaleska - Containment... It's in the bag

Poster ContainmentTrapezium Arts fifth exhibition presented the work of Roza Zaleska, a local artist, who has been practising her craft for many years. She was artist in residence at Bradford School of Art in 2015.

The work focuses on the notion of ‘Containment’ and in particular, that female requisite accessory, the ‘handbag’. She uses it as a symbol to explore issues of feminine repression, both physical and emotional. Combining work in a variety of media: painting, photography and 3-Containment 02D sculpture, her work has an accessible, playful element which belies the raw social message underneath. It also challenges us to ask ‘what is it I am seeing?’; a reflection of the fact that issues of femininity are still hidden and shrouded in mystery.

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Tina Shepherdson - Print

Tina Shepherdson Poster

 Trapezium Arts fourth exhibition, with the striking artwork of local artist Tina Shepherdson.  

“Our mission is to showcase the work of talented local and aspiring new artists, so we’re very pleased to have Tina’s work on show,” says Pauline Cooke of Trapezium, “Her pieces are a delightful mix of traditional and modern; conceptual fine art and graphic illustration. She’s a passionate and talented printmaker and her techniques range from reductive screen printing to Risograph prints. Her work is inspired by characters and stories, song lyrics and aphorisms, by animals, nature and natural architecture.”

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Rob Walsh / Ann Driver - Watching Water / It’s a Mean Old Scene

Poster_WWMOSA shared show of striking water photos from Rob Walsh and timely work on consumerism from Ann Driver
Rob's enigmatic photos capture water from unusual angles, highlighting how important it is. "Water's crucial to us it hosted our single cell ancestors and now we're over 50% water," Rob points out, "We take it for granted but it's part of us, we're helpless without it. Every photo of water is different, it's constantly changing."
Ann focuses on the mess of consumerism, "We can see lifter and discarded plastic everywhere in all our towns, Mastic use increases year on year and we've only just woken up to the fact we're drowning in it, My aim is to take the viewer on a journey and point out the discarded remnants of our society" Trapezium is accessible to everyone, providing artists with a supportive, affordable space. They're looking for people who want to exhibit or volunteer with them.

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Pauline Cooke & Ken Woods - Are You Informed

AYI Poster LowResThis exhibition is about information. Every time we watch a news programme or get a text or see a film or read a book we are taking in information. It is everywhere: on our phone, on our television, on the walls around us as we walk down the street.

This exhibition looks at the form information takes and how it is transmitted or delivered to us, such as, words on paper or a photo or a video. We look at how information is received and how we interpret it, according to circumstances and various biases. Do we watch passively as images play out in front of us, as on a screen, or do we engage with it, as on a computer? Does it affect the way we perceive and interact with the world?




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Water, Structure and Life

TrapeziumArts WSL PosterThe connection between water, structure and life exists at many levels. Water is vital to the structure of living things. As a city, Bradford requires a complex infrastructure to manage its water; and through communal structures, such as the mirror pool, water can enhance the quality of life of residents and visitors.

This exhibition intended to allow visitors to re!ect on the intimate connection between water, structure and life, in all its forms.

The exhibition included new and existing painting, print and photographic works by members of the group involved in running the gallery and other local artists.


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Bradford Bubble Up - Print Workshops

 BBU 1As part of Bradfords Bubble Up, Trapezium Arts put on two free workshops (Suitable for all ages and abilities).

The Bradford Bubble Up was a water-themed party to celebrate the closing of the Great Exhibition of the North on September 7th, 8th and 9th.




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