Pauline Cooke & Ken Woods - Are You Informed

AYI Poster LowResThis exhibition is about information. Every time we watch a news programme or get a text or see a film or read a book we are taking in information. It is everywhere: on our phone, on our television, on the walls around us as we walk down the street.

This exhibition looks at the form information takes and how it is transmitted or delivered to us, such as, words on paper or a photo or a video. We look at how information is received and how we interpret it, according to circumstances and various biases. Do we watch passively as images play out in front of us, as on a screen, or do we engage with it, as on a computer? Does it affect the way we perceive and interact with the world?




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Water, Structure and Life

TrapeziumArts WSL PosterThe connection between water, structure and life exists at many levels. Water is vital to the structure of living things. As a city, Bradford requires a complex infrastructure to manage its water; and through communal structures, such as the mirror pool, water can enhance the quality of life of residents and visitors.

This exhibition intended to allow visitors to re!ect on the intimate connection between water, structure and life, in all its forms.

The exhibition included new and existing painting, print and photographic works by members of the group involved in running the gallery and other local artists.


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Bradford Bubble Up - Print Workshops

 BBU 1As part of Bradfords Bubble Up, Trapezium Arts put on two free workshops (Suitable for all ages and abilities).

The Bradford Bubble Up was a water-themed party to celebrate the closing of the Great Exhibition of the North on September 7th, 8th and 9th.




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