The Triump of Paint

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Over 40,000 years ago, our ancestors used paint to show how they saw the world and what influenced them the most. Themes in cave paintings included wild animals, tracings of human hands and abstract patterns. Since then artists across the world have continued to use paint as a primary medium to express their thoughts and beliefs.

Paint, produced by the grinding and mixing of minerals and natural substances from the planet we inhabit is the noblest of media. It does seem apt that the medium of paint is recognised and acknowledged, for it has been with us from the beginning and will continue well into the future to place on record our moment of being.

This exhibition, where large bold works mingled with the small and quaint, abstract splashes of colour sit alongside moody landscapes and intimate portraits, showed painting can represent not just physical reality but the moods of the mind as well.

Within these paintings viewers could consider, whether Game Theory supports the social commentary (Mariel Borst Pauwels); gender and identity and the need to present oneself to the world in order to be accepted (Laura Hattersley); whether nostalgia always yields a safe haven for mixed emotions (Martin Hearne); human weakness and the powerful instinct of survival (Julie Mcmanus) and family dynamics (Liz Tolan)

Jennie Crawford challenges the perception of the insurmountability of nature, while Stuart Vernon Rushworth’s considered brushstrokes are expertly crafted into a modern day narrative in his wonderful world. Yolka Klos uses paint to create atmosphere and Roza Zaleska’s experimental and questioning work uses paint to record and celebrate, revelling in the medium of paint.


Trapezium Arts would like to thank Roza Zaleska and Liz Tolan for the loan of these works from their private collections.










    12th to 26th October 2019


    Mariel Borst Pauwels
    Jennie Crawford
    Laura Hattersley
    Martin Hearne
    Yolka Klos
    Julie Mcmanus
    Stuart Vernon Rushworth
    Liz Tolan
    Roza Zaleska


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