Sue Wilde - Colour Zone

Poster LTW LRColour Zone featured the paintings of local artist Sue Wilde, who creates colourful and expressive abstract works as an emotional response to the natural world, her own personal feelings, significant special places and family events.


Sue Wilde Colour Zone 01Colour Zone was put together to create a visual impact of colour on both mind and mood, and to create a free sensory experience that is accessible to anyone!


Sue is a self-taught artist living and working in Bradford. She has enjoyed a life-long love of creativity and has developed her work through various community art groups as well as her own art practice


She has been particularly inspired by the colour and freedom of Abstract Expressionist painters such as Pollock, Rothko, Richter and others.


CZ GalleryShe loves expressing herself through paint, colour and movement. The work often includes a combination of painting and printing, and can also include mixing colours on the canvas as she goes along. She usually start a painting with a simple/single idea, and enjoys seeing where the journey of creativity/painting takes her.


Nature, flowers, trees, landscape and environment can all form the seeds of an idea, as can personal, emotional or family events.


CZ Map SeriesThe Map Series developed out of Sue's love of looking at maps and painting / printing in response to places that have special significance to her.






Sue Wilde Colour Zone 04 RadianceSue find the colour, texture and even the smell of paint invigorating and love the process of creating a fresh and original image, often at times of inner turmoil or stress.

Most of these works have not been shown before, and all are for sale.


"I'd like to thank Trapezium Arts for this opportunity to show my work, and my husband, Stuart, for all his encouragement and his unwavering belief in my art.

I hope you enjoy the show!" -  Sue Wilde









    6th to 27th July 2019


   Sue Wilde



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