Roza Zaleska - Containment... It's in the bag

Poster ContainmentTrapezium Arts fifth exhibition presented the work of Roza Zaleska, a local artist, who has been practising her craft for many years. She was artist in residence at Bradford School of Art in 2015.

The work focuses on the notion of ‘Containment’ and in particular, that female requisite accessory, the ‘handbag’. She uses it as a symbol to explore issues of feminine repression, both physical and emotional. Combining work in a variety of media: painting, photography and 3-Containment 02D sculpture, her work has an accessible, playful element which belies the raw social message underneath. It also challenges us to ask ‘what is it I am seeing?’; a reflection of the fact that issues of femininity are still hidden and shrouded in mystery.






Containment 02

Containment 07

Containment 05




    9th March to 6th April 2019


    Roza Zaleska



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