Not A Minority


Trapezium Gallery were pleased to present Not A Minority, a collaborative exhibition celebrating International Women’s Day 2024, supported by Bradford City Council.

The exhibition brought together an eclectic mix of creative work by more than twenty artists, exploring women’s issues from all walks of life; celebrating women’s achievements in the past or raising awareness of present concerns. Preference was paid to specific issues affecting Bradford residents and celebrating the achievements of Bradford women.




Liz Tolan, Mary & BeatriceLiz Tolan, Mary & Beatrice, Oil on Canvas Pauline Cooke, Women's WorkPauline Cooke, Women's Work, Textile Collage


The exhibition included painting, drawing, photography, 3d with different materials, textiles and the written word. Some of the subjects artists chose to explore included body image and dress, health and sexuality, women’s rights and abuses of power. 


Cath Muldowney, JaneCath Muldowney, 'Jane', Digital Photograph Safrana Musa UntitledSafrana Musa, If My Hair Grew as Flowers, Ink on Paper 


Other artists chose to celebrate female icons and famous women from Bradford’s past. There was artwork recording the history of women’s work and women living with war. Artists also explored their personal stories and those of family members, which have left a mark and how women support each other through difficult times. 


Heather Sharp Weaponise Your WeaknessHeather Sharp, Weaponise Your Weakness, Coloured Paper on Card


Artist / Producer Pauline Cooke says "As part of this exhibition I wanted to encourage the idea that working together and sharing space achieves more, in terms of reaching audiences than exhibiting alone. I hope we can build on this in the lead up to Bradford’s 2025 City of Culture, when the contribution of all Bradford’s resident artists is crucial.”


Mary Whitehouse, No One Should Die, TextileMary Whitehouse, No One Should Die, Textile Collage Mussarat Rahman Rights of a WomanMussarat Rahman, Rights of a Woman, Ink on Board


Live Performance Event by Nabeela Ahmed and Irene Lofthouse (Saturday March 2nd):

Nabeela Ahmed is a multilingual poet and spoken word artist. She shared her famous poem, The Year of Man, previously filmed and shared by the Bradford Producing Hub, covering issues facing women around the world since time began. She also shared other poems in English, Urdu and Pahari focussing on themes relating to women and how they affect everyone.

Irene Lofthouse is an actor/historian. ‘Women can't... ‘ is an oft-heard phrase through time to the present day. Instead her performance celebrated inspiring women through stories of ‘Women Who Did and Do’. Those who challenged perceptions, fought battles, created their own vision, changed laws, followed their own dream - whilst also bringing up children, caring for relatives - and being income creators..



Tuesday 5th March: Vulva Workshop (for women only) by Rachel McMahon

Tuesday 19th March: Introduction to Cyanotype by Caro Blount-Shah



External Links:

    International Women's Day celebrated in Bradford's Trapezium Gallery, 02 March 2024, Telegraph and Argus


    2nd - 23rd March 2024

Produced By:

    Pauline Cooke


    Asma Ali
    Armchair Painting Group
    Caro Blount-Shah
    Leonie Briggs
    Pauline Cooke
    Equity Partnership
    Christine Kelly
    Lauren Kelly
    Liv Kelly
    Angel Kershaw
    Alison McIntyre
    Rachel McMahon
    Penny Moe
    Cath Muldowney
    Safrana Musa
    Mussarat Rahman
    Judy Sale
    Sue Sands
    Heather Sharp
    Laura Timmis
    Liz Tolan
    Mary Whitehouse
    Roza Zaleska


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