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Exhibition PosterTrapezium Gallery was pleased to present WildeSue@65, a retrospective exhibition of work showcasing Bradford artist Sue Wilde’s life journey in art, marking this significant birthday and celebrating her love of creativity..









Sue describes her life-long relationship with art: ”Having loved painting and drawing as a child, I rediscovered my love of art and creativity following a mental breakdown in the 1990’s. Colour, movement, mark-making, energy and abstraction…all gave me a language to express difficult, complex and often tangled feelings.”

Sue Wilde PaintingSue Wilde Sue Wilde, Mixed MediaSue Wilde, Mixed Media

She has lived and worked in Bradford for the last 45 years: “I am proud to have made Bradford my home. For most of this time I have lived in the inner city, most notably in Manningham and BD3. I have worked in various paid jobs, mainly within social services and the NHS, and have also been a volunteer with a number of community groups, particularly Mind in Bradford, and currently as part of the Trapezium Gallery team. It was while participating in the Mind Art Group in the Noughties, that I realised how important art is in reducing social isolation and creating community.”

“This led on to me participating in many community and group shows of ‘Outsider Art’ and to curating many of them with Stuart, my husband; the most successful one being the 1in4 Exhibition at Salts Mill, Saltaire, in 2016. I have also had a number of solo shows, including two at South Square Gallery and the Colour Zone show at Trapezium’s previous gallery space in 2019.”

Sue Wide, Leicester in LockdownSue Wide, Leicester in Lockdown Sue Wilde, FlameSue Wilde, Flame

Sue feels age is a valuable asset: “It feels important to me, particularly as I become an ‘older woman’ in our society (and turn 65 during the show), to still be visible in the world, to be seen as 'productive', and to be proud of my achievements, struggles and successes - this is to be celebrated and not hidden away as part of ‘getting old’!”

She continues: “In the lead up to Bradford’s 2025 City of Culture, we have all got a part to play - it’s important to draw on the ideas, experience, wisdom and expertise of the older generations as well as to inspire, energise and empower Bradford’s diverse younger generations.”

Sue Wide, Self PortraitSue Wide, Self Portrait
Sue Wide, PaintingSue Wide


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    27th January - 17th February 2024


    Sue Wilde


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