Winter Wonder Wall '23


Winter Wonder Wall 2023, our 2nd annual Open Exhibition, brought together over 150 artworks by 44 artists and photographers from across the Bradford district with a whole variety of art forms, including drawing, painting, photography, textiles, crafts, 3D and video.





Asma Ali The Swirling Sufi AcrylicThe Swirling Sufi, Acrylic, Asma Ali Halo One Palm Tree Acrylic and Spray PaintPalm Tree, Acrylic and Spray Paint, Halo One

The artwork was selected from all the creative work submitted over the previous year to the Online Gallery on Trapezium’s website at People were asked to send photographs of their creative endeavours and then these were uploaded to virtual galleries, available for all to view all year round.

In 2022 we held our first Open Exhibition from all the work submitted to our Online Gallery and it was a great success. It really brought local artists and other creatives together and included so much great work that we decided to make it an annual event, something we think is crucial with Bradford 2025 City of Culture only a year away.

Mark Revill Pelican Brief PhotographyPelican Brief, Photography, Mark Revill

Lauren Kelly, our online curator at Trapezium Arts says, “We have had an amazing response to our call-out for people to send us their artwork. There is a huge range of work from traditional landscapes to street art, from homemade crafts to digital collage. You don’t need to know about computers to get your work online. People can just get in touch, and I am happy to guide them through the process.”

The Online Gallery and the Open Exhibition have welcomed work from professional artists and enthusiastic beginners alike. We want to be as inclusive as possible and really spread the message that art is for everyone.

Patrick Whitehead Fiery Sky Gelli PrintFiery Sky, Gelli Print, Patrick Whitehead Hayley Williams Marilyn Abstract Coloured PencilMarilyn Abstract, Coloured Pencil, Hayley Williams
Alison Bond Whitby Storm Digital IllustrationWhitby Storm, Digital Illustration, Alison Bond


The Online Gallery can be viewed at
Follow the links to view the work or to submitting work



    18th November to 23rd December 2023

Artists / Photographers:

    Khadijah Afza
    Asma Ali
    Roy Best
    Caro Blount-Shah
    Mariel Borst Pauwels
    Pauline Cooke
    Martin Cosgrove
    Nick Davis
    Melissa Dennison
    Lynne Dobson
    Ann Driver
    Jane Fielder
    Dorothy Gray
    Louie Haslam-Chance
    Sarah Jane Smith
    Christine Kelly
    Lauren Kelly
    Angel Kershaw
    Sue Logan
    Peter Maggs
    Cheryl Metcalfe
    Halo One
    Nicola Rawnsley
    Sand Rennie
    Mark Revill
    Yvonne Robertshaw
    Michele Russell
    Judy Sale
    Heather Sharp
    Joyce Simpson
    Shane Sproule
    Nancy Stedman
    Chris Steel
    Jessica Swift
    Laura Timmis
    Liz Tolan
    Joshua Ward
    Patrick Whitehead
    Why Don't We Group
    Stuart Wilde
    Sue Wilde
    Hayley WIlliams
    Ken Woods


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