Thom Woodruff, Worldpoet, is back


Bradford's Trapezium Gallery was pleased to be hosting a date in Thom the Worldpoet's diary. It was an afternoon of open mic poetry, and Utube videos from the Austin poetry scene, plus memorabilia from Austin: tee shirts, travel diaries, poetry on the move.
Thoms appearance at Trapezium was part of Thom Woodruff Bradford Tour from June 14-20, which included readings, performances and supporting workshops with mental health service users.
Thom the Worldpoet Thom the Worldpoet 2

Thom the World Poet is likely the most prolific poet this world has ever seen. Thom has for a long time been based in Austin, TX.

He has published hundreds of thousands of poetry broadsheets, 152 books of original poetry, 45 improvisational poetry and music cassette tapes, 19 cds and 2 cd books.  He is a co-founder of Austin International Poetry Festival, Austin Poets at Large, founder of Poetry Karaoke; host of monthly Expressions readings, host of Poetry Acoustica, host of Caffeinated Poetry and many others.

He often collaborates with musicians in both compositional and improvisational performance.

An original improvisor of contemporary freeform poetry – he was slam before that was even a thing. He can take any current event and turn it upside down on its head, giving us that global, “World,” perspective.


 Thom the Worldpoet and the AWESMIC FIVE Improv Band at Austin International Poetry Fesitval.



    17th June 2023


    Thom Woodruff


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