Andrew Heathcote - Line of Beauty


Trapezium Gallery were pleased to present Line of Beauty by Andrew Heathcote, an exhibition of paintings depicting the landscape of Yorkshire. His intention is to capture the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside where he lives, with its moors, hills and treelines, a process he finds both relaxing and rewarding.


Andrew’s landscapes take a unique view of a very traditional subject. His bleak moorland landscapes with tempestuous skies evoke a remote world, at the edge of reality, while his graphic images of trees and fungi highlight botanical precision. From a distance, we see nature pared back to its essential lines; if we step close, we see microscopic detail. In both we see a fine understanding of composition and colour that result in a strange sense of beauty.




A Heathcote 2 


 A Heathcote 1



"I have always been interested in painting and drawing, but this interest was confined to mooching around galleries while on holiday. After moving to Yorkshire, 25 year ago, I began to appreciate, more, the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside; with its moors, hills and treelines. It took another 15 years to finally make the time and put paint on canvas. I’m glad I did, for I have found painting both relaxing and rewarding, in terms of a sense of achievement.

I started off by using acrylics before moving onto oils. I now alternate between the two, depending on what the subject is and for variety. My paintings also vary in terms of the detail I include in them- ranging from including as much detail (or the illusion of detail) as I dare, to abstraction- where areas of a board or canvas are blocked off.
Painting, like life, is a journey and it’s a path that I’m glad I chose."

- Andrew Heathcote

A Heathcote 3 



    28th January to 18th February 2023


   Andrew Heathcote



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