Current Exhibition


The Black Agenda Book Shop
by Being Bradford


  7th October - 4th November 2023
Mon to Sun - 11am - 3pm


Bradford's Trapezium Gallery is pleased to present 'The Black Agenda Book Shop' curated by Beimg Bradford.

In January 1991 a small group of Afrikan and Caribbean parents from Bradford concerned about the mis-education and excessive exclusion from school of their children started The Black Agenda Bookshop, an Afrocentric Library & Bookshop.

Run by unpaid and committed volunteers, the Library / Bookshop and its schooling facility Per Ankh served ALL communities for approx 7 years, allowing adults and children to benefit from access to a huge educational resource of books, audio/visual materials, cultural artefacts, educational trips and many community projects and activities.

The Bookshop was also a vibrant hub for anti-racist campaign work around immigration, prison and police reform and school and workplace racism, as well as being an inclusive and supportive educational space for people facing and exposing, what has recently been described as the “Hostile Environment”.

This exhibition is a testament to the enduring tenacity and contribution of Bradford’s Afrikan and Caribbean Communities and the stalwart support of many of Bradford’s wider Communities.




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