The Things That Make Us


Trapezium Arts was delighted to be hosting an exhibition by The Beck Art Group, four artists who forged artistic links during lockdown.


The theme of The Things That Make Us was that everything we come into contact with has an influence on us and art makes this connection visible. The exhibition brought together four artists’ creative work, shaped by their life experience and the environment around them. Three of the group are from the Bradford district.


Steven Spencer Crucible Slag1Crucible Slag1, Steven Spencer Steven Spencer of the Beck Art Group draws influence from the natural and post-industrial landscape surrounding Bradford, and the inanimate objects that remain there.

He tells us, “Everything makes us who we are… our place of birth and our surroundings, the people around us, and all the things we come into contact with and use… our media, our technology, the trees and flowers in our gardens, the furniture and objects in our houses. We think that we just use them, but we also become them. They shape us into particular people.”




Susan Sands BrambleHedgeBramble Hedge, Susan SandsSue Sands uses drawing, sewing, painting and textiles to depict nature and the way the tangled growth of trees and plants create their own world if left to do their own thing.













Jochen Gren AutumnAutumn, Jochen GrenJochen Gren had a career as a silver and goldsmith before he turned to paint. Unable to hold paintbrushes, he found he could use his hands to develop the technique he uses to paint abstract expressionist paintings using digital printouts.








Richard Hall Chimera3Chimera 3, Richard HallRichard Hall is from Kent and his work is of a conceptual nature, ultimately trying to communicate notions of the uncertainty of the self, the porosity of one thing influenced and transformed by another before the whole edifice collapses.













    31st July to 21st August 2021


    Jochen Gren
    Richard Hall
    Sue Sands
    Steven Spencer

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