Deborah Mullins - Solidarity Stitching for Palestine

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Deborah Mullins was a qualified embroiderer with a particular interest in the long tradition of embroidery in Palestine. She travelled to Israel Palestine and on her return home, designed and produced intricate and beautiful embroideries using a variety of colours and techniques to create images and reflections of the land and situation of the Palestinian people.


Mullins Deborah 01 LRDeborah died in December 2020, so with the kind permission and support of Deborah’s family, a selection of her work was display during Bradford Refugee Week 14th – 19th June at Trapezium Arts, as part of Windows on the World Art Trail.


Mullins Deborah 02 LRDeborah was an active member of Bradford Palestine Solidarity Campaign, a trustee of City of Sanctuary and was also involved in Schools of Sanctuary Refugee Week Exhibitions for several years










  Mullins Deborah 06 LRSketch Book Details   Mullins Deborah 03 LR


SSfP 01 


    14th to 19th June 2021


    Deborah Mullins

Project Coordinator:

    Deb Collett, Artworks Creative Communities


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