Back to the Wall

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Trapezium Arts first exhibition in over a year, 'Back to the Wall' showcased all the wonderful artwork that had been submitted to our Online Gallery, while the real gallery on Kirkgate in Bradford had been closed.


BttW 01Throughout the pandemic, our Online Gallery gave us the opportunity to keep in touch with everyone, as well as connect with new artists and photographers, including those who have never had the opportunity to display their work before. We hoped the online gallery gave people the incentive to carry on being creative through this time of crisis. With this exhibition we wanted to celebrate all the artists who have submitted to the Online Gallery


Hearne Martin Dixy ChickenDixy Chicken by Martin HearneThe ‘Back to the Wall’ exhibition featured twenty local artists and photographers, displaying their varied creative endeavours, including paintings, textiles, prints and photography. While some of the pieces are by accomplished artists, like the urban landscape paintings of Martin Hearne; others have never been exhibited before, such as Cath Muldowney, whose striking photography captures the spirit and humour of the people.


Muldowney Cath Fight ClubFight Club by Cath MuldowneyThe artworks were all selected from Trapezium’s Online Gallery which are still available to view here.








    22nd May to Sat 12th June 2021

Artists / Photographers:

    Philip Bailey
    Caro Blount-Shah
    Mariel Borst Pauwels
    Bev Clough
    Pauline Cooke
    Ann Driver
    Lydia Grant
    Martin Hearne
    Andrew Heathcote
    Cath Muldowney
    Paul Redshaw
    Susan Sands
    Andrew Simmons
    Joyce Simpson
    Steven Spencer
    Simon Sugden
    Liz Tolan
    Rob Walsh
    Sue & Stuart Wilde
    Ken Woods


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