Being Young In Bradford

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BEING Young in BRADFORD is a collection of photographic memories from several Bradfordians showing the fashion, music and other stuff that occupied our young minds and time during the 1970s and 1980s (over 40 years ago!).

BYIB 1in12 Club Most of BEING BRADFORD© are now in our 60s and have luckily managed to assemble a great collection of pictures that remind us of the way we remember being young in Bradford. The six contibutors to this exhibition were once an eclectic group of enthusiastic teenagers (+) who embraced Punk, Mod, Scooters, Soundsystems, Reggae and all points in between as they appeared in Bradford in the 70s onwards. Most of them still follow the music, philosophy and fashions in one way or another to this day (not in a sad way, but in a vibrant and fondly nostalgic way).

BEING BRADFORD© believe that People's History is as real and vital to developing Bradford's future as any of the mainstream accounts. They further see giving voice to the voiceless as essential in the production of authentic history.

BYIB Conquering Lion Sound System Along with this exhibition BEING BRADFORD© were also pleased to be able to incorporate the latest CD from the local music historians Matt Webster and Gary Cavanagh. Missing Music 6 is the sixteenth CD from Bradford Noise and accompanies the two excellent books Bradford's Noise of the Valleys Volumes 1 & 2. This CD compilation of Bradford related music and musicians also marks the 10th anniversary of the books publication. There are no better books on Bradfords musical heritage than these 2 volumes. Well done lads.

We hope you enjoy our efforts and we look forward to your participation and feedback in our production of more exhibitions as we attempt to build a dynamic and accessible archive of exhibits from yours and our collective memories.





Being BradfordOn this occasion BEING BRADFORD® were Nagbea, Johna, Gary, Papa T, Fritz and Steve. with Many Thanks to Pat at PDQ Fotos in Shipley, Nick Toczek, Ato, Chris Peltier and all at Trapezium Contemporary Art Gallery.


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    16th November to 21st December 2019


    Nagbea Nagbea
    Johna Johnson
    Gary Cavanagh
    Fritz Skylark
    Steven Ashley


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