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Trapezium Online GalleriesWhile our gallery on Kirkgate is closed, Trapezium Arts will be hosting a virtual gallery online.

We are keen to continue showing artistic endeavours by local people during these difficult times.

All submissions are welcome and will be shown in a series of monthly ‘Open Galleries’ based on the date of submitted work. In addition to the monthly Open Galleries, we will also intend a series of Themed Open Galleries - Current Themed galleries are  'Light' and 'Change'. See link below on how to submit work.

We also have a series of ‘Artists’ galleries, highlighting work by individual Artists and Groups. If you would like your own 'Artists' gallery please contact us at online@trapeziumarts for further details. (We will usually charge a small fee for this, which will be use towards lease cost for our Kirkgate Gallery while we are unable to open it)


Please Note: Trapezium Arts is run by a small team of volunteer artists and the Online Galleries is currently a work in progress, please bear with us if there are any teething issues.


We welcome any comments or suggestions related to this project. You can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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