In a New Light

Walter Hugo and Zoniel

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Friday 5th and Saturday 6th November 2021

5pm to 10pm



Trapezium Gallery is pleased to be hosting an event as part of the Bradford is LiT event, a winter festival of light interventions across the Bradford district.


Walter & Zionel In a New Light(3)'In a New Light' draws on Bradford's rich history with the motor industry. Utilising a colourful cascade of re-purposed car headlight lights, controlled by motion sensors. Passers by become participants of the artwork as their movement activates it. Participants are invited to play with the light installation by waving, moving, or dancing in front of it.


Looking at an everyday object that has become ‘invisible’ in front of our own eyes. It weaves together the threads of local history, eco-sensitivity, and adaptation through a playful installation that physically engages participants. It utilises fun and movement as means to evoke a contemplation of the present moment and the potential beauty within our everyday surrounding environment.


By reframing the humble car headlight in this playful installation, celebrating its plethora of beautiful designs and colours, the artists engage the viewers and participants in an uplifting re-evaluation of an everyday object. whilst the act of physically engaging with the artwork through play allows space to connect with the present moment and create their own, new story.


Walter & Zionel In a New Light(2)This installation works as a playful and mindful access point to unfolding a deeper subject matter, a method often used in the works of the artist duo. The artwork utilises fun and movement as means to evoke a contemplation of the present moment and the potential beauty within our everyday surrounding environment.


Car headlamps have been used as a tool for the progression of our society for well over a hundred years, and are part of a local and national history. The artists utilise this many forms of this object through a playful interface creating a joyous interactive installation which presents deeper questions for the user to unfold.


About Walter Hugo & Zoniel

Walter & Zoniel are an artistic duo collaborating and exhibiting internationally. Multidisciplinary in their practice, they work with a variety of mediums one of which being the production of interactive and socially engaging installations / performances.

The central themes to their work come from a meditation upon our existence and reflection of the intricacies of the relationships we have with each other and with the natural world around us.

Their work visually charms and entices the viewer into thought and becoming present in the moment. Dealing predominantly with the human condition whilst evoking a relationship and questioning between all the elements involved.

Often utilising the tools of nature, surrealism and fun they are able to captivate audiences and inspire them to engage with the artwork. The meditative aspect of their practice allows access to a deeper exploration and experience for all.

Their public installation works include performance-practice installation at Tate Britain, Somerset House, Photo London, and site-specific public installations in Miami, San Fransisco, London, Liverpool and Durham. They have been commissioned by multiple national and international art festivals, fairs, biennials and galleries.

Their work has been acquired by the National Art collection and the National Portrait Gallery collection.



   Walter Hugo & Zoniel


An exhibition highlighting the wonderful work of 8 local photographers.

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Saturday 13th November to 18th December 2021

Sat, Tues & Fri 11am to 3pm


Trapezium Gallery is excited to present a group photography exhibition by 8 local photographers.

Ken Woods from Trapezium says “We decided to bring together some of the very talented photographers who are connected with the gallery and showcase their ongoing work as a special event in the run up to Christmas. We hope there is something for everyone in this exhibition.”

All photographers set out to record something in the world around them. “I think of photography as a celebration of life, with all its ups and downs, and try and capture some of those moments”, remarks Cath Muldowney, one of the photographers in the exhibition.

Themes in this exhibition range from urban cityscapes to natural landscapes; from preserved transportation to ballet dancers; from ordinary people and things to flights of imagination. Aged from ten to over sixty, our photographers bring all these themes to our attention with technical skill and artistic vision.



Philip Roger Bailey

Philip BaileyI am a photographer based in Keighley. I’m a relative newcomer to photography.

I first picked up a camera a mere 4 years ago. I had wanted to take up photography a lot sooner in life, but life's ups and downs kind of got in the way of that.

I have tried many different types of photography, but I've found preserved transportation enjoyable to capture. There's nothing I love more than heading out, chasing a steam locomotive on the main line.

It gives me the opportunity to photograph some stunning landscapes, sunrises and sunsets along the way too.


Zarah Delores Bailey

Zara BaileyI'm a 10 year old school student from Keighley.

I started taking photos when I was 8. I saw how much my dad enjoyed just getting up and going out with his camera, and I decided I wanted to join him to see what it was like. I really had a lot of fun travelling around, taking photos of whatever caught my eye.

I enjoy photographing anything that looks nice and things that look interesting. Most of the photos I've taken are of trains, scenery in the Yorkshire Dales and farm animals in the Dales too.

The photos I'm displaying are a selection of my favourites I have taken. There's no theme apart from they were all taken in and around Yorkshire, mainly in the Dales.


Steve Bishop

Steve BishopI was born in the late summer of 1954. As a child l always remember my father having a camera in the car in his workshop. In fact, there was always one somewhere lying around ready loaded. So my interest in photography was really very early, but could I get my hands on that camera? No! That was totally forbidden. It was dad’s. Don't touch!

I was about 7 when he first started showing me how it worked. Though through my teenage years I lost all interest with girls, motorbikes, music etc. Then in my early 20s l found an old CE5 in a shop, which sparked my interest all over again.

My photography has gone through different topics over the last 40 years. My work in this exhibition will be partly Story-telling and Street photography, scenes of things rarely seen.


Bev Clough

Bev Clough NatalieAlthough my normal subject genre is sport, travel and wildlife, unfortunate these subjects have all been unavailable during recent times.

I first picked up a camera when my children were young and playing sport trying to catch the moment, this eventually led me to pitch side at Twickenham, I am however happy to photograph any level any sport.

The arts have suffered more than most during the pandemic so I have chosen to show, amongst other subjects, dance and in particular ballet, calling it En Pointe, it’s been an interesting journey for myself and the dancers, as I chose to rely on the great outdoors and mother nature’s light.


Cath Muldowney

Cath MuldowneyI was born and raised in Bradford, where the people are warm and friendly, resilient and funny, and most importantly, often willing to strike a pose.

I think of photography as a celebration of life, with all its ups and downs, and try and capture some of those moments, the mundane, the everyday, the ordinary stuff. Because in reality, nothing is ordinary, everything has a certain beauty, and everyone has their own story to tell.


Paul Redshaw

Paul RedshawI am an environmental artist, using photography as my main medium. I am inspired not only by nature, landscape and weather but also by human impact and the environmental concerns that we face. I get real joy from being out in the landscape capturing that sunrise, a sunset, cloud formation or other weather inclement and its effect on the landscape.

On a closer scale I like to find the intricacies of nature and look for natural patterns and interactions that many people might not notice.

The work in the exhibition is predominantly a series of atmospheric images expressing the natural elements and forces taken within a few miles of my home during the past year, captured raw (as seen) and several manipulated images, demonstrating a more creative side to me.


Joyce Simpson

Joyce SimpsonJoyce's first passion is photography and her surroundings offer an unlimited source of inspiration from landscapes and seascapes to cityscapes and a rich variety of characters.

She sees herself as a digital artist using photography as a medium to create and present her artistic vision. Her aim is to create images with mood, emotion and impact.

She creates depth and colour using layers of interest and the blending of textures which she produces herself.

The body of work in this exhibition represents a mixture of experimental techniques.


Simon Sugden (aka Suggy)

Simon SugdenI have been doing photography for 20 years now and I mostly shoot urban and landscape.

I’ve been published and work freelance in the Braford / Leeds area.

I am very passionate about Bradford and love getting out with my camera as often as I can.

At the moment I am documenting Darley Street Market from demolition through to newbuild and also working alongside Bradford University, helping document buildings in this exhibition.



   Philip Bailey
   Zara Bailey
   Steve Bishop
   Bev Clough
   Cath Muldowney
   Paul Redshaw
   Joyce Simpson
   Simon Sugden

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